A happy, supportive and inclusive environment where in children are encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve their best and to develop a life-long love of learning as they move from the Kindergarten to the Secondary School.


Challenge and inspire our children to be confident and independent learners through partnership amongst pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.Provide experiences that broaden the children’s horizons and instill a life-long love of learning and pride in personal achievement.Celebrate diversity so that everyone feels empowered, valued and respected. Enable pupils to become responsible and environmentally aware global citizens.


The language programme is an exciting blend of phonics and the entire language approach.English Grammar & Composition,Phonic Lab helps to enhance language and pronunciation skills. Children work and play with words which develops and improve speaking and language skills. The success of this unique programme reflects in the Kindergarteners’ and high school kids, confident communication skills and their ability to read fluently and write with confidence.


Children explore numbers through concrete hands-on activities, which enable them to understand quantities and operations. Through counting games, number rhymes, puzzles, challenges, and other interesting activities, children acquire a firm understanding for math.


Children at this age demonstrate a keen interest in exploring and discovering the world around them. The curriculum provides loaded stimuli from the immediate environment to allow observation, investigation, exploration, questioning and documentation of the children’s unique discoveries in many ways.

         "For a lamp to light other lamps, that lamp has to be lit. For a candle to light other candles, that candle has to be lit. Peace is a noble objective, helping mankind is noble. But it has to begin with a lit lamp. First and foremost, peace has to be recognized in a person's own self."

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