Maargdarshak: Play School - sets the curriculum pace for active learning through various fun filled activities. Students are introduced to varied learning materials, a large number of shapes and colours as well as letters and numbers. The little ones are also exposed to a higher level of rhymes , rhythm swaying and storytelling.

     They also enjoy a sense of independence through self-help tasks. Activity based learning ensures happy bunch of children looking forward to each new day at the school. Children learn to freely explore, discover and experience a wide range of sensory, creative and physical experiences while learning the importance of focussing on a single task.

Maargdarshak- Play School

Highlights of Play School Curriculum:

Gross motor -  jumping, hopping, balance on one foot,

Fine motor - Managing coloring work independently, pre- writing skills,

Sensory - seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling,

Language - communication in sentences, introduction of phonetics,

Math / Cognitive - pattern and shape recognition, numerical language,

Social / Emotional - making friends, sharing, caring,

Life skills : developing positive self image, respecting others,

Music : Independently singing / reciting singing along with others.

Play Group Activities Galore:

Play learning stations.

Story time.

Role plays.

Circle Time.

Sensorial activities.

Sing along - Rhyme time.

Art and craft.

Audio Visual learning.

Special days (concept and theme related)

Festival celebrations.

Projects and assignments


Science fun.

Book Buffet time.

Free hand drawing.

"If you have been looking for truth on the outside, and didn’t find it, do something different: look on the inside.

Good strategy. Very, very good strategy".

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