Teaching Method:

We implement one of the most co-operating teaching and learning strategies. This strategy is useful when teacher wants to point out the fact that not all in the class have the same point of view or that there are multiple solutions to some problems, it is an Interactive Teaching -Learning Mechanism.

“Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye”

With Education, we attain Salvation.

The school enables the students to imbibe and embalm Leadership, Life skills and Self Reliance through Indian Value based activities.

  The radiant & sparkling rays of knowledge, wisdom & cultural upliftment spreads all over the world. The young world glitters with it’s endless spark & finds the path of achievement and success in every sphere of life with hard work…The Karma a dedication. “The Yoga” ... In the guiding light of “Vidhata Aditya”...The sun of wisdom which has rose in the form of our prestigious – LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL which harbours all these characteristics and induces and inculcates the courage, commitment and confidence to live a life where dreams become a reality.

LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL has an outstanding faculty with a tremendous experience base and qualifications. The Staff loves working with children and helping them to grow and develop the attributes of the learning to which we subscribe. 

         Our mission is to be the leading institution to provide quality education to our students.

     We inspire students to develop their intellect, creativity and character to become independent, adaptable and socially responsible by ensuring a dynamic inquiry driven education of the highest standards.

  "Who are you? You are the drop that holds the ocean within it. Turn within, and feel the joy of being alive."

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