LITTLE SCHOLAR High School has grown in strength year-on-year with the unflinching support of parents and by the grace of our Master, this stands as a testimony to the passion and dedication shown by the Management and the Teaching Staff.

  Over the years, what we believed in as the true path of education and other related activities have been followed for a value-based education system.

  There has been absolutely no compromise when it comes to delivering quality education to children, attention to detail in every aspect of schooling, from recruiting and re-orienting teachers to evolving processes for effective imparting of holistic education has been truly remarkable at the School Campus.

  Unwavering intensity and passion of the Headmaster to transform the schooling and it’s unquestionable integrity in walking the talk has endeared us to be the best.


"Celebrate Life Programme, helps students to begin and pursue their voyage with new realms of knowledge,enrich their concept,ideas and executing one's own skill.The Programme is held to develop a scientific temper in students & a spirit of inquisitive in the subject."

The School initiates that every student participates in the SEMINAR PRESENTATION that covers all the aspects of Education.Science enables us to think critically and develop the cognitive skills.The Celebrate Life Programme at the school gives our students the opportunity to enhance their PROJECT IDEAS.

" The SEMINAR PRESENTATION is based on different aspects related to - MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES, HEALTH & HYGIENE, ENGLISH,POETRY.These Stage Presentations are one of those milestones in the life of the students where the student addresses a gathering."


Little Scholar High School an environment that respects and promotes creativity.


Being child - centric automatically enables us to be empathetic as we look at the world through their eyes and design process and activities.


Innovation is at the heart of LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL and every process has a dash of innovation in it, truly pioneering non rote learning.


We have set benchmarks for the category that are hard to achieve but that doesn’t prevent us from pushing the boundaries on quality even further.


Building on each other’s ideas often creates magic and we truly believe and practice this in our way of working and with children.

( प्रेरणा )- RAYS OF HOPE : 

"Celebrate the real joy that resides within you, that is the truest celebration."

               Rays of Hope Column is introduced in the School Diary - ( साक्षी ) where, keeping in view the healthy growth of every child and to help imbibe life skills in every child.

    The Rays of Hope Column is introduced which deals with-Healthy Habits, Personal Hygiene, My Study, Moral Values.

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