LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivate students through a dynamic and success oriented education programme. The program empowers to gain indigenous as well as global perspective on various aspects. 

     Our activity based learning programme gives young learners the frame work to develop the required skills in all subjects. Teaching and learning is enhanced through our digital class rooms, in-house content resource programmes. All our efforts are focused on making learning enjoyable for the child. The learning process is constructed with the aim of encouraging every student to work in various groups.

The School's vision translated into reality of giving students a modern, meaningful and wholesome education. Our aim is to ensure that every child learns to be intellectual and is encouraged to set goals, attain them and exceed expectations.

Every Department of Education from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language Lab the School has the Best Faculty Catering to all the Students.

All our Teachers and Programme specialists have a vast understanding of  the Subjects they deal with and help the kids dive deep into the concepts. 

 Personalized attention for each student is the hall-mark  at LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL .

"There is a great lamp within you, and the rays of that lamp are your life."

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