Savour your existence from one breath to another


The ambient environment and the peaceful spread across the campus of the School leaves one feel filled.The large Playground, Huge Stage a Multi-Purpose Seminar Hall help in overall Holistic Growth of each and every child. Teaching and Learning takes place here in a friendly atmosphere.

The School has  a calm peaceful, clean and healthy environment with the state of the art infrastructure and all the required facilities in a well planned and the most beautiful way possible for the overall development of your child. 



If we’re looking for peace, it is within us.

If we’re looking for joy, it’s not far from us.

If we’re looking for that friend, it always has been and will be within inside.

If we’re looking for the place that does not change,

that place is inside.

-Prem Rawat.

'The longing for perfection exists because perfection within exists.’

" To excel as a professional by holding up a challenging position and to lead a life centered on the principle of sincerity and excellence. Carrying out my duties most efficiently by showing high performance consistently in the best possible manner and to grow as an individual with the organization. "

"The knowledge is within inside of you."

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