" Gather the berries of life

the beautiful berries of




Understanding "

A heritage of vision, a legacy of innovation. Belief in the concept “that what is important in life, is valuable and is lasting is rarely on the surface”.

It is this philosophy that acts as the guiding force for us at LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL. We understand that what is worth learning is rarely on the surface and we therefore Endeavour to go deep into the realms of learning which is not just the curriculum and qualifying exams but a step further beyond.

We inculcate steps and methodologies that ensure the all round development of the individual and impart knowledge in the true sense of the word.

It is our unique personal approach that sets us apart and makes LITTLE SCHOLAR the special school it is.

As a center of learning where education is a commitment and the training of the whole person a mission, Little Scholar H.S sets the bench mark. The last three decades have seen us grow from one platform to another and today we can proudly proclaim that as a center of learning we stand a class apart.

With state of the art infrastructure and facilities, LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL has strived and achieved a place of respect in the region and continues to serve the purpose of providing quality education in the state.

Giving concrete shape to this mission is the staff that represents vast professional experience across all disciplines. This is complemented by collaborations with visiting faculties and professional organization to ensure our environment reciprocates the ever changing global scenario.

The support and encouragement from a wide network of individual gives  our students the confidence to explore their talents to it’s fullest and face the challenges of life warmly.

      We must see and understand every dimension, every layer of the question that life is long and the schooling short. One must therefore choose well for one’s child.

"Give your child the “extra” edge at this remarkable place."

LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL, takes pride in its outstanding Academics which has been designed on the dictum of “Igniting Wisdom’’ and every individual child that comes to our wings, experiences this wisdom.

       In a short period of time we have earned an enviable reputation for the quality of education provided to our children, of whom we all are very proud.

Our excellent infrastructure, has been suitably, planned to accommodate this learning into every corner of our campus. The commitment to quality is evidenced by highly qualified teachers, clean, modern and well equipped lab facilities and a pleasing Campus.

    We help children develop qualities that will help them imbibe the qualities of independence, self confidence , enthusiasm for learning, social skills, wholesome attitudes, self-discipline, and an organized approach to problem solving.

The very best way, however to become acquainted with us is to come for a visit. We would like to talk to you in person and have you see for yourselves a beautiful campus, friendly students and teachers we have!

Visitors always appreciate on the learning atmosphere at our place, and we would like you to experience that first hand.

         You can also browse through our web site to discover the underlying reasons for the reputation through words and pictures on this site, where we have tried to capture the real essence of Little Scholar High School.

It is my personal goal to see that your child not only succeeds, but excels as a Good Human Being as well. Do contact us if you have any questions about uniting your family with ours. We welcome your application and look forward to answering any queries you may have about your child attending Little Scholar High School.

       "We aim to pursue, recognize and celebrate personal excellence in all its forms and instill humanity & leadership skills in our students."


"This simple little breath is the greatest wonder of this world."

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