LITTLE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHOOL works with a burning desire to bring about a transformation in the educational scenario.

   The School provides well equipped Science Lab, Multimedia & Computer Lab, Seminar Hall, Digital Classes, and well Ventilated Classrooms with CCTV cameras. For the surveillance in the Classrooms as well as the Playground and all the Corridors, for Security reasons over 50 CCTVs are installed. 

   The educational institute strives to set up the highest standards of educational excellence; an institution which would churn out the children to be, fully equipped with the latest tools and skills to fit-in well, in the fast changing society and prove precious assets, useful citizens with a strong moral foundation.

    "The School Visions and Aims to become the most sought-after school, acclaimed for balancing the most-loved aspects of a ‘proper childhood’ with the very best elements of this century's education."     

As a human being, you have a rhythm.

And this rhythm says,

“Move. March. Go. Move. March. Go. Move. ”

Understand your mortality and be inspired to move on, not stop.

Understand also that a part of you is immortal.

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