At Maargdarshak Kids pre-school, we plan and provide child centered fun-filled activities according to the different levels of development, interest and need. They are planned and sequenced in ways to foster children's motor, cognitive, language and socio-emotional development.

    At our pre-schools there is a balance in the daily schedule of small and large activities, group as well as individual activities, indoor and outdoor activities, physical and mental activities. Children soon learn to accept and respond to instructions given by the teachers. 

Studies have proved that the first six years of an individual's life are critical since development/growth takes place at its most rapid during in this period. Our Play schools provides the necessary environment for the overall development of the child. Children get the opportunity to pick up good language, for self expression, experimentation and problem solving.

Basic Mathematics, Language and Science concepts included in each day's program

To understand better the world around them, Children need to know Math and Science concepts. They imbibe these at Play schools through activities and play.

       Mathematical concepts are understood through activities that include matching objects, sorting and classifying by attribute, using comparative terms, labelling numerals, recognizing numbers.Science Concepts are understood through activities that include observing and identifying body parts, using the five senses, colours, classifying and categorizing animals, identifying opposites and learning about natural resources.

Language concepts are developed through activities that include listening, dramatic play, recalling story events following verbal directions, matching and labelling letters, utilizing language to form questions identifying a letter-sound relationships and recognizing and writing letters and words phonetically.

Importance of experienced educationists

Experienced educationists are essential because they understand the needs of every age group and are highly competent in their area of work.Teachers act mainly as facilitators and help children learn and apply concepts, Also they have a hands-on approach to teaching abstract concepts, solving problems and counselling children.

Etiquette and manners are important in today's world. They are developed in children as part of the curriculum at Play Schools.

How will you know when you are fulfilled?

The day the call of the heart changes from: “Be fulfilled” to: “Thank you.”

When you start to feel gratitude, you will know you are being fulfilled.

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